How to choose the best robot mop for hardwood floors?

How to choose the best robot mop for hardwood floors is a big question sometimes? As we all know that cleaning of the house on a daily basis can be a tedious work especially if we do not have convenient cleaning tools.

Imagine cleaning your dusty living room, bedroom and mopping your floor using only a broom and a duster. It must be really difficult and tiring. Nowadays, you can clean and Mop your floor conveniently using a Robot Mop.

There are many reasons to buy a robot mop for hardwood floors. Just imagine all the time you can save if you do not have to personally take care of cleaning and mopping your house. How would you spend that time? Can you imagine getting tired of working and not having to worry about cleaning?

robot mop for hardwood floorsCleaning robots are a valuable tool that not only sucks the soil. They are also able to sweep, scrub or mop.

How Do You Choose the Best Robot Mop for hardwood floors?

To choose a robot mop for hardwood floors, you need to decide if you are looking only to dust and vacuum your floors or if you are looking for a multifunctional robot vacuum cleaner that can perform several functions and determine how much you should spend.

Remember that the great advantage of a robot vacuum cleaner is the simple fact that it can be used every day, with minimal effort and also, we can delegate to a robot the tedious task of having to vacuum the house frequently.

First, you must know that there are several types of robot vacuum cleaners, from the cheaper models called duster robots, the robots that clean the floors or the robots that sweep.

Robot mops:

These classes of robot mop for hardwood floors work exclusively on hard floors such as tiles, linoleum or hardwood. These differ from duster robots because they use a cleaning solution to mop or scrub the floor, and actually do a wet floor cleaning.

These models are less economical than duster robots and can be a viable option if hard surfaces prevail in your home, and you do not have children or pets. These robots do not work on carpeted surfaces.

How does the robot mop for hardwood floors work?

Despite its intelligent technology, however, the cleaning process is usually kept simple in most cases: first, the mop robot applies a water-cleaning mixture to soak stuck dirt. With a cleaning brush, the dirt is then scrubbed and transported into a special recovery tank. Finally, a suction device ensures that the remaining liquid is absorbed, leaving a dry floor.


As a professional, you are very limited, especially during the week time. The time to devote to the household duties is therefore usually too short. Just the wiping, as well as the sucking, can take an extremely long time and effort. For this reason, a robot mop for hardwood floors can be a huge relief in your life.

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