How to Clean the Roomba AeroForce Bin

Those, you are using the mopping robot for cleaning the home floor, keeping clean the AeroForce bin of this automatic unit is a big deal. Sometimes you may be worried about this issue. However, by following some simple steps, you can make the dustbin of the cleaning robot easily and joyfully.

You will get different types robots for home floor cleaning. These diverse mops are also having with various types of the bin for holding dirt and debris. If you are a person want to keep your AeroForce bin of the Roomba mopping robot, you will be delighted with the following steps.

For getting a better cleaning job, and to keep the robotic unit well in condition for a long time, you should make refresh the dustbin regularly.  This article will show you the simple and easy steps to clean the bin of dust of your robotic cleaner.

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Though the mopping robot of you may differ from other, these steps will be helpful for operating most of the Roomba brand of house cleaning robot. Now you, just follow the steps describing here.

Filter Issue

  • Remove and Empty the AeroForce Bin
  • Press and pick up the filter door release tab
  • Take away filter by grasping the yellow tab
  • Get away from debris by tapping the filter against your trash container

Full Bin Sensors

  1. Wipe the sensors on the robot with a clean, dry cloth.
  2. Wipe up the inner and outer sensor ports on the auto-vacuum bin with a clean, dry cloth.


After cleaning the home floor, the AeroForce bin of your Roomba mopping robot is full of dust. In the first stage, you have to remove the bin from the cleaning unit. Just vacant the dustbin so that no dirt is remaining in the inside of the bin.


The Roomba AeroForce bin comes with filter door. Here, you need to press the release tab. By doing this, you will be able to lift the filter door. This will ease the next step of removing the filter.


You will get a yellow tab with the filter door. In this step, you have to remove the filter. You can do this task by grasping the yellow tab.  So, remove the filter by taking the tab that is yellow in color.


Here, you need a trash container to keep the debris that will derive from the filter. So, get a container and shake off debris. For this job, you have to tapping the filter against the trash container. You will see that the container has held the dust from the filter and your filter is look clean.

Sensor the Bin


In this stage, you need to take a dry cloth. By this dry cloth, wipe the sensors on the robot. Besides the main AeroForce bin, the sensors of the robot are neat and clean all the way.


By a dry cloth, wipe the total inner-side of the sensor. After that, clean the outer sensor ports on the automatic vacuum bin.

By following the above steps, now you are getting a neat and clean Roomba AeroForce for reusing. Get some best quality Mopping Robot

Therefore, Roomba AeroForce bin cleaning is an important issue. You should only follow the steps discussed above for a complete dirt-free bin. Most of the users are happy with this formula of AeroForce bin cleaning. Hope, you will also be happy here.



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