Easy Way of Caring Roomba 600 Series Mopping Robot

The Roomba 600 series is the most upgraded and effective tool for removing the dust from the home floor. One of the prime duties of the mopping robot users is taking care of the equipment. On a regular basis, one should clean and maintain the robotic floor cleaner machine as it remains in a good condition. If your floor-cleaning machine is well maintained, it will be workable all the time.

You can use a floor-cleaning robot on many kinds of house floor. Your home floor may be made of tiles, hardwood or carpet covered. For any type of home, you need a well-maintained mop that removes the dust and debris from the house-floor in a good manner. This article will show you the aspects you should follow to keep the robotic mop the Roomba 600 series.

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Following are the ways of caring Roomba 600 series mopping robot;

Cleaning the Bin and Filter

For keeping the Roomba 600 series robotic floor cleaner refresh, take care the bin and filter first. You need to shake off the debris by tapping the filter alongside the trash container. You will not be able to wash the filters alone. Just press the dustbin and take to remove the waste bin and push down to remove the filter. So you can easily clean the bin and filter of the robotic floor cleaner of the Roomba 600.

Refresh the Cliff Sensors

Refreshing the cliff sensors of the robotic home floor cleaner to take care the Roomba 600 series. You will find 4 sensors with the Roomba 600 series of mopping robot. You have to wipe all the four sensors. For cleaning the sensor use a clean and dry cloth so that no mess can happen.

Keep Clean the Charging Contacts

The charging contacts of the Roomba 600 series and other robotic mop are located at the charging or home base. Keeping clean the contacts of charging is important for proper charging of the battery that provides smooth power at cleaning task. You can use a clean and dry cloth to wipe this area. You should also refresh the charging contacts area of the robot.

Take care the Front Caster Wheel

The most important part of the Roomba 600 series is the front caster wheel. These wheel clogged with hair and debris that could result in the floor damage. You need to pull out and remove the dust from them on regular basis.

You have to follow some steps to clean the wheels properly:
• The front caster wheels need to be removed from the robot with a firm pull.
• Clean out the dust and debris that are inside of the wheel cavity.
• From the housing of the wheel, you just remove the wheel. After that remove any hair that wrapped the axle. You have to push firmly on the wheel axle for removing it totally from the whee.
• Now you can wipe the wheel clean.
• Finally, you have to reinstall the wheel of the robot into the housing as well as the module into the robot.

Clean the Brushes

For getting a better feedback, you have to clean the brushes of the Roomba 600 series. If an excessive amount of hair build up with the brushes Roomba can damage permanently. To take care of the brushes, you have to remove them and inspect the brush bearing regularly.

• First of all, open the brush guard by lifting both the yellow tabs.
• Just remove the brushes and clean them. You can use the cleaning tools come with the robot that eases the removing the hair from the hackle brush by pulling it over the brush.
• From the yellow brush bearings, you have to remove the hair and clean accordingly.

Take Care of the Side Wheel

You can easily clean the side wheel of the Roomba 600 series. In the inside of the side wheel housing, you may get the debris. By following the bellows steps you can refresh the corner wheels.

• Firstly, you have to push the side wheels up and down twice or thrice. By shaking out debris may be trapped in the well of the wheel.
• You need to quickly revolve the wheels by your hand to ensure the freely turning of the wheel. In this way, each wheel reveals the same amount of resistance.
• Sometimes you may need the manual process to turn the Roomba wheel by push forward and backward on the floor.
• Smoothly blow air into the wheel-well, if you get the compressed air is available.

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Therefore, cleaning the Roomba 600 series is simple and easy. You just have to follow some steps to refresh them in an easy process. Use them in a peaceful manner, and you get the maximum feedback in the dust-removing task regularly.

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