Haier Automatic Robot Vacuum Floor Cleaner

The Haier Automatic Robot Vacuum Floor Cleaner is a very dynamic mopping robot currently available on the marketplaces. You will get all necessary cleaning options that clean your home floor efficiently and completely. This robot is suitable for cleaning the hardwood flooring as well as the hard carpets floor. All advanced robotic technology works together to mop the room accurately and as per pre-schedule. For the timely duty of this tool, you will get the neat and clean floor every day.

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Haier Automatic Robot Vacuum Floor Cleaner

Package Includes

• One Haier vacuum cleaner robot
• One water tank
• One virtual wall
• One mop
• Charging base
• Two brush
• One adapter
• One dust box
• One cleaning brush
• One remote controller


• Water tank with the capacity of 180ml
• Dust box capacity of 0.6L
• Suction values are 600pa – 800pa.
• Cleaning area covering is about 150 square meters
• Rotate speed(r / min) is 16000 – 18000
• Remote control distance is about 4 meters.
• Body control touch screen
• Battery capacity (mA) is 2000mAh
• Voltage (V) is 14.4V and Power (W) is 25W
• Product dimension is 13.4 x 13.4 x 3.5 inches

Features and Benefits

Low Noise Design

The Haier Automatic Robot Vacuum Floor Cleaner has the low noise design 50db. Due to this noise-free design, you get a quiet environment at the time of cleaning the room. So, this mopping robot does not interrupt your work or any valuable moment. It ensures the disturb-free and comfortable house cleaning atmosphere.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

The Haier Automatic Robot Vacuum Floor Cleaner comes with four convenient cleaning modes. These are automatic cleaning, spot cleaning, edge cleaning and the scheduled cleaning. By these cleaning modes, this robot cleans the home floor efficiently. It uses the suitable mode in any certain situation. The spot cleaning and the edge cleaning are its special efficiency.

Automatic Charging

This mopping robot is the smart one. It can clean conveniently and recharge automatically. If the power of this robot is near to run out, it automatically goes to the charging station and charges it fully. After completion of the charging, the robot resumes its rest of the cleaning task and finishes the cleaning task completely.

All in One Apparatus

Getting the entire cleaning task in a single tool is preferable to the users. The Haier Automatic Robot Vacuum Floor Cleaner is the equipment that has all options for cleaning the home floor effectively. It has the quality of vacuuming, sweeping and mopping your floor. It comes with the 800pa suction values for picking up the different types of the hair of the pet.

Technology for Virtual Wall

In respect of home floor cleaning by a mopping robot, the technology for the virtual wall is the important one. It helps the robot moving in a certain room or area for completing the cleaning. This mopping robot comes with virtual wall technology. This innovative technology keeps the robot only the room where currently cleaning is necessary. By this feature, it confined itself in the area you want in.

Infrared Sensor System

The Haier Automatic Robot Vacuum Floor Cleaner can sense the room situation by the infrared sensor system. Because of this sensor, this robot can identify the things remaining in the room along with the ups and down position of the room. It can avoid the dropping due to this IR sensor system. In fact, it has four sets of anti-falling infrared head and these can appropriately detect the risk of falling out and prevent it.

Fit for Current Floor Condition

This mopping robot is fit for cleaning the different current condition of the floor. Currently, the floor may wet or dry; when the robot finds the floor wet it can suction the area and if the floor condition is dry it vacuums easily. Here, remain active the vacuum suction port anti wrap.

Suitable for Various Floor Types

The multi-floor cleaning capacity is the vital feature of a mopping robot. Whatever the home floor is made of, the robot should have the capability of cleaning that. The Haier Automatic Robot Vacuum Floor Cleaner is perfect one for cleaning the floor made of cement, ceramic tiles, and wood and undercoat carpet.

Good Filtering System

The dust filtering by the mopping robot is the most important worthiness. It should be along with an appropriate filtering system. You will find this robot with a good filtering system. It has the capacity of rough filtering as well as the HEPA filter that is can filter all kinds of dirt and dust of your room effectively.

Efficient Watering Process

This mopping robot comes with the necessary options of the watering process. It has the tank for storage 180 ml water, water holes those can be detached as needed along with the Velcro cloth. You can use it 120 minutes and it is a long time to use per time.

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Pros and Cons


• Noise-minimizing design provides quiet and comfortable cleaning opportunity
• Multiple cleaning modes ensure the various types of floor space
• Docking automatically and recharge as per necessity that is smart and convenient
• All in one option consisting vacuuming, sweeping and mopping
• Suction values with 800pa and picking up the hair of pets efficiently
• Technology of virtual wall making that confirm the specific area cleaning and staying at the certain room
• Dropping avoiding capacity by IR sensor
• Dry and wet area cleaning separately
• Various floor cleaning capacity
• Dust filtering process
• Water managing option


• Sometimes hang up with table
• Dust container is not so big
• It is hard to mop in the open floor plan

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Customer Reviews and Scores

The Haier Automatic Robot Vacuum Floor Cleaner is dynamic equipment for cleaning the home floor. But, you will only be happy with this robot if you get the feedback accordingly. Most of the Amazon customers awarded this equipment 3.9 stars out of a total 5 on average. The customer reviews on Amazon are positive overall, except a few niggling points.
One customer said that brushes of this robot continued to fall off and would get stuck and cannot move properly. But, most of the customers stated that it is able to vacuum a good amount of dust in a certain time. That makes it very easy to recommend this robot to others. That makes it very easy to recommend this robot to others.


Question-1: How this mopping robot clean the wet and dry floor?

Answer: In respect of this robot, sweeping rubbish in the front and wet wipe in the back. Here, the water is gradually flowing in mop and will not spill openly to the floor.

Question-2: Does this robot have the automatic start option.

Answer: Yes, it has the automatic starting option.

Question-3: Have any mopping option with this robot?

Answer: Yes, it has the options for vacuuming, mopping and sweeping.

Question-4: Is this robot able to sense the stairs?

Answer: This robot can identify the things remaining in the room along with the ups and down position of the room.

Question-5: Does this robot able to make the virtual wall for the certain area?

Answer: Yes, this mopping robot comes with virtual wall technology.

Question-6: Does the manufacturer offers any warranty?

Answer: Yes, the manufacturer provides warranty for defect materials and workmanship.

Question-7: Is this robot suitable for long carpet?

Answer: No, this robot is not suitable for the floor with long carpet.

Question-8: Can this robot pick up the dust like dog food?

Answer: Yes, this robot is capable of picking up the pet hair, dog food bird seeds and such other.

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Final Verdict

In summary, the Haier Automatic Robot Vacuum Floor Cleaner is really a dynamic mopping robot. The technological advancement of it will facilitate the home floor cleaning on the regular basis. Because of the work worthiness with its effective parts and materials, the real buyers of this model are extremely happy with their choice and they love to recommend this product to other people. Hope, you will be lucky enough by purchasing one for your daily use.

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