How to Clean Tiles with Vinegar?

How to clean the tiles with vinegar is a question that homemakers make worried about. However, it is true that you can easily use this substance to keep the floor of your house all the way. Usually, we purchase various liquid with sweet flavor for cleaning the surface of the house. Those may expensive as well as not effective all the time or you would not get the desired result.

In such situation, you can find the answer to the question how to clean tiles with vinegar if you use it on regular basis. House-floor made of tiles is the suitable plinth to use the vinegar. It can completely clean this kind of floor. In this regard, you just have to buy some vinegar from the marketplace and make a solution for using on the floor.

Before making a solution with vinegar, we should know that what is vinegar actually is. It is a liquid that consists of acetic acid, water as well as some other substance of trace chemicals. The percentage of the acid is about 5 to 20 percent and this liquid comes with kind of flavor too. Hence, you want is to know how to clean tiles with vinegar. For getting the answer, you just follow the bellows’ process.

How to Clean Tiles with Vinegar- Step by Step Process

Buy Some Vinegar

Vinegar is available on the market. Or, you can get it in the chemical shop. Since the vinegar is the prime item here, you have to purchase some vinegar at first step. Within reasonable price, you will find it to purchase your desired amount.

How to Clean Tiles with Vinegar

Making the Mixture

Tile is the hard surface that you want clean up. In this regard, you are thinking about how to clean the tiles with vinegar and how you make an appropriate substance to real use. No worry, you just have to mix it with warm water. Take a half of cup white vinegar with a gallon of warm water. You need to mix them properly.

Sweep the Appeared Dust

When you think about that how to clean the tiles with vinegar, you have to remove the appeared dust or various visible particles from the surface of the house. You can sweep them by using a mop. Before using the vinegar-solution on the floor it is a necessary step.

Pail or Bucket with the Solution

Now, it is the time to get the answer of how to clean the tiles with vinegar. Before starting the cleaning task, you have to arrange pail or bucket that carries the solution of vinegar. You just keep the amount of solution in the bucket you need for current day’s cleaning.

Clean by a Mop

It is the step you have to start your cleaning job. As you are using the vinegar solution to clean the floors’ tiles it will be a wet cleaning. In this respect, you need a mop to rub the floor with the liquid solution.

Dry by a towel

At your final stage of the cleaning task, you will find the surface of the house wet hugely. You may need to dry it so that it can be turned into sleepy. Here, you should use a towel to dry the floor.

Use Backing Soda for Hard Stain

Here, an extra advice for you. Sometimes you find your home-floor having hard stains. Even, they are not removed after using the vinegar solution. What you will do then, or you think about how to clean the tiles with vinegar. In this situation, you can use some backing soda on the floor for removing the hard stain.

Final Words

Therefore, how to clean tiles with vinegar is burning question to the people who are regularly clean the surface of their house. However, by using the above steps you can easily keep neat and clean your house-floor all the way. It is a homemade solution and effective much as well as hygienic.

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