Evertop Intelligent Smart Cleaner: A Review

The Intelligent Smart Cleaner mopping robot from the Evertop is work worthy one. It is one of the innovative auto floor cleaners that deliver a fruitful cleaning task every day. The vacuum cleaner had been using by my mom was not working fine and making a funny sound at the time of dust removing by it.

We noticed and feel that it should be replaced. So, mom has bought this machinery recently. She has been using it regularly. I found her with full of satisfaction after every vacuuming. If you are a person like my mother who loves to keep neat and clean the home floor, you can purchase it for regular domestic use.

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Specifications of the Intelligent Smart Cleaner

  • 860 Pa vacuum suction
  • Ac 110-240v of charging voltage
  • Ni-Mh 10.8v 2100Ah battery capacity
  • Type of battery is Ni-Mh
  • 45-60 minutes ideal operation
  • 3-4 hours charging time

Evertop Intelligent Smart Cleaner

Features of the Intelligent Smart Cleaner

Specialized for Hard Floor

The Intelligent Smart Cleaner from Evertop is specialized for the hard floor of the home. Your home floor may be made of tiles, hardwood or marbles. This mopping robot is expert enough for cleaning such kind of floor. It can remove the various dust and dirt efficiently.

Anti-Fall Function

Falling from a minimum height is a big problem in respect of robotic floor cleaner. This Intelligent Smart Cleaner come with the function of anti-all that ensure the smooth and interruption-free house cleaning task. It can protect itself from the height of 1.97 inches. In this respect, it is wondering.

Excellent Brush Function

The function of brush of this mopping is excellent. It comes with two-side corner brush that has higher performance in cleaning. Replacing the brush depends on the environment of the cleaning areas. If the floor is with huge dust and hair, you can check and clean the tool after every use. Every 1 or 2 months you can change the brush of this robot cleaner.

Having Cliff Sensor

You will find the cliff sensor with the Intelligent Smart Cleaner of Evertop. It is able to detect the stairs that helps to avoid falling down. There is a possibility of falling down over stairs, but the cliff sensor prevents the same.

Simple and Easy

The Intelligent Smart Cleaner from Evertop is simple and easy to use. You can easily carry and move it with as it has a suitable handle. Because of the separate dust box design, dumping the dust is also a simple task.

Clear Power Indicator

The Intelligent Smart Cleaner has the easy looking power indicator. It clearly shows the percentage of the battery power and can balance the time whenever you clean the floor. So, no matter of confusion concern power situation.

Infrared Induction

It is an advanced technological aspect of the modern and automatic floor mop. The Intelligent Smart Cleaner also comes with such technology. It can indicate the wall and furniture in the room or cleaning space so that no collision can occur.

Customer Reviews and Score

The Intelligent Smart Cleaner produced by Evertop is a work worthy item. However, you will only get the feedback provided by this robotic mop, if you purchase one for your regular use.

I found 75 customer reviews of Intelligent Smart Cleaner on Amazon at the time of writing this article. They awarded the best on average. The overall customer reviews are affirmative and they are satisfied mostly with this floor cleaner.

In this regard, a satisfied customer said, ‘I Love this item! I have a cocker spaniel that sheds like crazy. Run this once a day and it gets up most of her hair. Just got it, so I’ve only used it twice, but it’s doing an awesome job so far!’

That makes me very easy to recommend the Intelligent Smart Cleaner to others.

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Therefore, the Intelligent Smart Cleaner of the Evertop is really an innovative mopping robot item by which users can easily remove the dust and pet hair from their home floor. Well made and multi-functional features, most of the real customers of this product are happy with their purchase and they love to recommend this item to others.

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