Robot Sweeper: 3-Good Quality Mopping Robot

Sweeping a home floor is not a big deal today. The robot sweeper makes this job more simple and easy than before. Usually, people used and most people uses today the traditional mop and vacuum cleaner. They have numerous limitations in respect of completely cleaning the home floor.

Robot sweeper comes with all modern technical features. You will find the technological advancement that facilitates the desired clean up the house floor. In comparison to the traditional mop and vacuum cleaner, the robot sweeper does the exclusive job for you.

In this regard, this article will explore some essential features of the robot sweeper. Here, you will get the various characteristics and customer reviews. Hope, analyzing this article will help you in choosing the best robot vacuum for regular use.

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Robot Sweeper: Intelligent Smart Cleaner

Th e robot sweeper in the name of intelligent smart cleaner from Evertop is one of the technically sound mopping robots. For a comprehensive cleaning job, you can select this robot vacuum.

robot sweeper

Features and Specifications

• This robot sweeper is specialized for refreshing the hard floor. It can easily make the tiles floor; hardwood floor and granite floor dust-free completely.

• It comes with the anti-fall function that protects itself from the height of 1.97 inches.

• Double-side corner brush ensures the high efficiency in mopping the floor.

• This floor cleaner is having Cliff sensor that able to detect the stairs and ensures the avoiding of the fall down.

• This tool shows the power capacity percentage.

• It has the infrared induction for the furniture and wall to change the direction.

Customer Reviews and Scores

At the time of writing this article, I found 86 customer reviews on Amazon. The users awarded this mopping robot a total of 3.6 stars out of a 5 on average. So, the overall customer reviews are affirmative.

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Robot Sweeper: Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner Blue

When you think about purchasing a floor robot sweeper, you can choose the intelligent vacuum cleaner blue. It is a household robotic sweeper that efficiently picks up the dirt, pet hair and the daily dust.

robot sweeper

Features and Specifications Intelligent Robot Sweeper Blue

• This free style robot sweeper is convenient for cleaning the large area by its long-length brush.

• By using the push button, you can dump the dust easily and without hand use.

• It is having circle vacuuming and straight vacuuming that works automatically.

• This robot sweeper is well-performing on the hard floor.

• Easy to carry by using the handle.

• Comes with the option of showing the battery capacity and the infrared induction for detecting the wall and furniture.

• This is 2.56 inches high and can go under the furniture easily.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The overall customer reviews on Amazon are positive. I found only 30 customer reviews at the time of creating this write-up. The users awarded this innovative mopping robot a total of 3.2 stars out of 5 on average.

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Robot Sweeper: Automatic SoftBase White

The automatic soft based white robot sweeper is one of the best mopping tools of the Evertop. This is an automatic household cleaner and having the rechargeable battery. It is an outstanding cleanup capacity that uses the automatic soft base for floor cleaning.

robot sweeper

Features and Specifications

• This robot sweeper comes with the most innovative electrostatic cleaning pads.

• This is an ideal mopping robot for all types of the hard floor made by the hardwood, tiles, granite or marbles.

• It having the cordless rechargeable battery and time-saving product.

• It has the easy operation system for changing the cleaning cloth.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The customers on the Amazon awarded the SoftBase White robot sweeper a total of 3.4 stars out on 5 on average. It is based on the total 27 customer reviews on and I found them at the time of writing this article.

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Final Verdict

In conclusion, the robot sweeper tools mentioned above really work worthy. They can clean the home floor completely. You will find them innovative because of the various highly technical features having these robot vacuums. Most of the practical users of this product are really happy with their purchase due to the well-made and efficiency in refreshing the home floor. They like to recommend these robot sweepers to others as well.

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