How to Use the iRobot Braava for Floor Cleaning

The iRobot Braava is an advanced technological robotic floor cleaner. You will find a huge variety in the mopping robots on the current market. They have the specific features in respect cleaning option. Some floor cleaning robot is proficient in removing the dirt and debris from the hardwood floor of the home, some from laminate or tiled floor. Even, robot vacuum expert on the carpeted floor is also available.

Since the house floor, cleaning robots come with different technical features, their operation procedure is also different. You should little be knowledgeable regarding the various aspects of the mopping robot as well as their function and operation. In this article, we will note the necessary aspects that will be a guideline for you to operate the iRobot Braava series of the home cleaning robot.

the iRobot Braava
Indoor GPS of the iRobot Braava

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Get the detailed about use and operation process of the various iRobot Braava floor cleaner by continue reading the article.

For your convenience, here noting some of the best items from the iRobot Braava along with their using and dust cleaning process;

Using Process of the iRobot Braava 380t 

When you are looking for a simple and easy operating mopping robot, the iRobot Braava 380t will be the right option for you. It has the option of North Star Navigation process. Because of this process, this robot floor cleaner is capable of finishing the dirt removing like the indoor GPS. So, the operation is completely robotic.

the iRobot Braava
Northstar Navigation system of the iRobot Braava

You can run this tool by using the dual modes of mopping that have the dried sweeping and damp area cleaning. So, using tension on the wet or dry space of your home floor will not be intensified.

There are two different reusable mopping cloths come with this mopping robot. One is disposable, and another one is microfiber cloth. So you can use the needful one at any time.

You know about the charging issue of this robot. It has a big-size charging cradle, and you can easily recharge the battery of the iRobot Braava 380t. By using the checking option, you can get the idea of daily dirt of the room.

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Operation of the iRobot Braava jet 240 

The iRobot Braava jet 240 has the simple operating and using process. You can use this tool on the floor of the hardwood, tiles as well as kitchen stone and bathroom. Use the Jet Spray technology and the Vibration cleaning head to remove the mark of the stain of the coffee and soda.

Operate the iRobot Braava Jet 240 by using the option of automation of jet pad type to select the cleaning mode independently. When you use this option, the tool will not spoil the wall or furniture by wetting, but, will compatible with the rugs on the floor.

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Using the iRobot Braava 320 

When you think about the iRobot Braava 320, you will find that it can run up three hours at removing the dust after getting the charge of the battery and can clean a big space. So, using is as easy as simple. You can use its North Star Navigation process for methodically cleaning big space, even under the furniture.

Use the option of automatic stop of this mopping robot after finishing the task of dust freeing. You can use the capability of this tool of refreshing the hardwood floor, laminate floor, and the vinyl.

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Drive the iRobot Braava 375t 

No worry about the driving of the iRobot Braava 375t. Operate this tool for removing the dust from the hardwood floor, especially the hardwood, laminate and linoleum floor. Use the North Star Navigation system for completing the task like the domestic GPS.

Just use the modes of dry sweeping and damp mopping by choosing anyone’s option. When you want to remove the debris from your floor, you can use sweep mode.

iRobot Braava
Two Cleaning Modes of the iRobot Braava

You can take the option of disposable cloth and microfiber cloth; which on is necessary for you. Operate the big-size charging cradle for charging the robot battery within two hours. So, you extremely worry free with the options come with the iRobot Braava 375t.

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Use the Braava Jet 240 Mopping Robot

The operation of the Braava Jet 240 Mopping Robot is easy with its wet and dry weeping options. You can use this robot vacuum cleaner for removing the dirt and debris from the floor of hardwood, tiles floor as well as the floor built by the stone. Even you can use it on the floor of the bathroom and kitchen.

This robot is suitable for cleaning the areas, including the toilet corners, under furniture space along with below cabinet areas. It has the valuable jet spray and vibration cleaning head that handle the dust effectively as well as remove the stain that is dried on the floor, whatever with the coffee or soda.

Operate this tool with the option of wet mopping, damp sweeping or dry sweeping. There is no worry about the wetting the wall or furniture if you operate it properly by selecting any of the modes having it.

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Therefore, the operation and use of the iRobot Braava is the matter enjoyable driving on the home floor. Advanced technological features and multiple options for removing the stain and other dust, most real users are happy with their purchase and love to recommend to others.


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